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The Challenge & Goals

The close collaboration I experienced with Kevin and Jonathan is what made our partnership so successful.

Headshot of Jesse Kliza, VP of Marketing
Jesse Kliza
VP of Marketing

We have had the great privilege of working on and off with Apprenda since our third year in business. As Apprenda has grown and evolved as a company throughout the years, it has been our responsibility to help expand their brand and web presence along the way. Working closely with their marketing team we created many campaigns which resulted in a large number of elaborate screens; each taking a unique approach to telling the Apprenda story and positioning their unique value proposition in the cloud computing/application container space.

When we started working with Apprenda back in 2013 they were a small company with a handful of employees. Since then they have grown to become a household name in the cloud computing world with their involvement in the Kubernetes project, and through support for both traditional and cloud native applications with a commercial platform offering. It has been beyond amazing to watch them grow from a small start up to an bona fide tech company securing over $50 million dollars in funding along the way.

Throughout our time working with Apprenda we have completed roughly three entirely unique re-designs in order to accommodate their rapid expansion. Within this included many additional campaigns, various product launches and a complete brand overhaul in late 2016.

The initial (and on-going) challenges we faced while working with Apprenda were largely surrounding the technical complexity of their narrative, and the sophistication of their buyer personas. Their message needed to be communicated to both industry experts/practitioners (Developers and IT Professionals) as well corporate leaders (Business and IT Executives) alike. The concepts and solutions executed over the years accommodated a wide variety of techniques in order to ensure that we were accurately speaking to every audience possible, without watering down their core message. High levels of engagement, and equally high conversion rates were a necessity in order to keep their sales pipeline full and their name top of mind in the market.

In addition to all of this, it was always a goal to differentiate Apprenda from their competition with a unique visual aesthetic. In an era of trend followers and copy-cats we not only helped set Apprenda apart visually but set a new standard for visual expectations in the tech industry.

Beyond the success of our partnership with Apprenda we are even more grateful for the close personal relationships that have been built with their team over the years. Even when we don’t have an active project on our plate for them, we regularly keep in touch, meet up, consult, talk shop, and enjoy the mutual respect and admiration that we’ve grown for one another.

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Screenshots of Apprenda website pages


  • Sitemap Creation
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture / Wireframing
  • Website Design
  • Front End Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Responsive Development
  • eCommerce Development
  • Web App Development
  • Hosting Consultation
  • Content Migration


  • Brand/Logo Creation
  • Visual Web Strategy
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Architecture Diagrams
  • Icon Design
  • Print Design
Various Apprenda branded materials

The Apprenda Brand - Phase 1

After the completion of our initial site launch, we overhauled the entire suite of marketing materials to better align with their new website and provide consistency amongst their brand.

Various Apprenda website pages

Apprenda Product - User Interface

Working closely with the engineers at Apprenda, we created the product interface that customers interact with. Our goal was to not only create a beautiful and intuitive experience but to also break the mold of what typical enterprise software looked like.

Custom Apprenda Illustration
Apprenda's Icon
Apprenda's Icon (alternate treatment)
Supporting icon for Apprenda brand
Additional Screenshots of Apprenda website pages
Screenshot of Apprenda home page
Custom Apprenda Diagram
Custom Apprenda skyline illustration
Custom Apprenda Icon
Custom Apprenda Icon
Custom Apprenda Icon
Custom Apprenda Icon
Custom Apprenda Icon
Custom Apprenda Icon
Custom Apprenda Icon
Custom Apprenda Icon
Photo taken for Apprenda website
Photo taken for Apprenda website
Photo taken for Apprenda website

Supportive Photography

Part of the identity overhaul and new website included a series of treatments which required custom flat lay photography. Each photograph was conceptually crafted to support the accompanying message.

Kevin and Jon are incredible partners to us at Apprenda. Beyond being masters at their craft, they always bring fresh ideas and set the bar time and time again with their impeccable execution. No matter what curve ball we’ve thrown them over the years, they always knock it out of the park.

Headshot of Jesse Kliza, VP of Marketing
Jesse Kliza
VP of Marketing