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We take project inquiries very seriously; we value your time that much. Our evaluation process has an essential reliance on three factors. The more information we have up front the better we’re able to serve you.

  • General Information

    • Before diving into the project details, it's important that we have a good understanding of your timeline. This will help us ensure that our current schedule will accommodate your needs.

  • Project Details

    • We're here to serve you. In order to do that effectively, we need to know everything you know about your project. It may sound like a tall order, but a detailed scope of work is necessary from the start. The information we’re looking for can be broken down into two documents:

    • Sitemap

      A simple, hierarchical outline view of the project as a whole

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      Content Breakdown

      Based on the sitemap, a sentence or two outlining the content for each page

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    • Are you looking for us to prepare a sitemap and content breakdown?

      The entirety of our proposal will be dependent on these documents, but sometimes a consult to develop these documents is needed. If that’s the case, please let us know.

    • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, zip, jpg, png, jpeg, gif.
  • Project Budget

    • When it comes to a new Web project, the sky's the limit. We need to know your allocated budget so as to ensure our proposal is grounded and accurate. Without knowing a project budget we’re unable to assess various potential offerings during the proposal process.

    • $35,000
  • We sincerely appreciate the time you've taken to prepare this inquiry form. We’ll take a look at the details of your project as soon as we can. We’re excited to partner up with you!
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