Born out of Need

Iron to Iron was born out of a need in 2010. Kevin and Jonathan saw the need for an optimized approach to Web design & development with a focus on client service at the core. In order to facilitate that effectively, they decided to draw their line in the sand.

Kevin Richardson

Designer / Co-owner

Photo of Kevin Richardson

Kevin never got around to signing up for Facebook and has yet to try his first cup of coffee. He prefers building relationships in person and drinking hot chocolate. He’s been married since 2006 and scored two little girls as a by-product.

Besides being a designer his friends typically know him as the guy who has too much energy and the guy who likes to turn everything into a competition. There’s also a good chance that he’s never backed down from a friendly dare or challenge.

He really does look forward to meeting you and hopefully collaborating at some point.

Kevin’s background is actually in branding and print design. Now, primarily focusing his attention on Web design, he’s able to apply his understanding of brand creation and maintenance to all of the projects he touches. This is why all Iron to Iron projects have such an emphasis on visual aesthetic.

He’s been working professionally in the industry since 2004 and has worked at various agencies (large & small) prior to co-founding Iron to Iron.

Kevin has spoken on the topics of design and branding at multiple conferences throughout the country and continues to hone his craft with every opportunity he has.

Jonathan Christopher

Developer / Co-owner

Photo of Jonathan Christopher

Jonathan tries his best to continue playing soccer but finding time is proving more difficult each year. Unlike Kevin he does enjoy a cup of coffee each day, but they do tie in ‘number of Facebook accounts’.

He got married the summer before co-founding Iron to Iron, resulting in one of the best (albeit craziest) years of his life. It was quickly trumped by the arrival of a baby boy and his little sister. Many photos were taken.

One of the things Jonathan enjoys most about his job is dispelling the myth that a website isn’t easy to manage in-house. Seeing clients update their own site long after he’s worked on it makes his day. He believes the partnership that forms with clients is what it’s all about.

Like many of his peers, the foundation of Jonathan’s skill set was formed by self education. From a young age an interest in programming set the course to eventually research what made the Internet work. Over time Jonathan refined his focus to Web-related technologies.

Jonathan graduated from the University at Albany with a degree in Information Science and Policy. A minor in business exposed an underlying desire to problem-solve in that area as well.

Jonathan’s professional life began in the agency world as a part time employee. After progressing to a managerial role he concluded that agency life wasn’t for him, deciding to focus on client service through Iron to Iron.

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